December 2014 Update – Gillingham Page

This home page is the where I’ll be posting information about periodic updates made to the website.


Click on this link (or alternatively click on the Our Towns tab from the Main Menu at the top of the page) and check out the creation of the Gillingham page, about a town in England where the Greene family lived for several generations duing the 15th – 17th centuries !


**NOTE: All photos are the property of unless otherwise noted. If you wish to use or copy any photos on this site, please contact us through the feedback form requesting permission. Thanks!


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  1. Anonymous

    Hi. Julieanne again.

    Forgot to add some other details.

    Evidently there was a big earthquake in New Madrid, Missouri, in the early 1800+. Many records were destroyed.

    This was exactly when the Mormon Church was attempting to find a base in Nauvoo, Illinois.

    Have other information but there is a part of the Greene/Tefft, Tift, Tifft,Taft/Greene family that is missing from all records.

    Evidently older brother Nathan talked Alfred Tefft into giving a good deal of land to the Mormon Church. Nathan was supposedly involved with the church. Then Alfred had an aneurysm and died. Smith, leader of the Church, moved to Utah after the Church was attacked by locals.

    Do you have any information on this period?


    Julieanne Hathaway


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