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April 2016 Update: Francisca Vielma – the Pioneering Academic

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Click on this link (or click on the Vielma tab from the Main Menu at the top of the page) and scroll down to the fifth generation to check out the discussion on Francisca Vielma.  Francisca is our family’s academic pioneer – a Mexican-American woman who graduated from High School in the early 1920s in the small and then-largely segregated mining town of Clifton, Arizona and who later earned a degree in teaching from the Tempe State Teachers College (the forerunner of Arizona State University) in 1928.  To put this incredible achievement in context, U.S. Department of Education statistics show that in 1930 (two years after Francisca graduated) less than three percent of women in the United States even attended a college or university.  To say that Francisca was part of a tiny minority is one thing – add to this the fact that she was a Mexican-American woman, and the magnitude of her accomplishment is even more apparent!

Francisca Vielma (for post)

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