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August 2017 Update: Refined DNA Results

The incredible world of DNA Testing continues to evolve and as testing becomes more accessible, the results have gotten all the more accurate.  For those that know the science, our family volunteer DNA tester’s haplogroup results are:

R-FGC16979 Icon   and

MtDNA Haplogroup

The tester updated Y-DNA from the 67 to the 111 marker test and also tested positive for a subclade further down the P312 family known as R-FGC16979.  There have been no further updates to the MtDNA results although our tester has been closely matched to several other testers in recent months after going a few years without any matches.

In April 2017, Family Tree DNA’s My Origins site, which maps autosomal DNA to capture a person’s ethnic breakdown back 5-6 generations, launched it’s 2.0 update.  The results altered our family’s volunteer tester results quite significantly to include Ashkenazi Jewish and Sub-Saharan African markers for the first time (5 and 3 percent respectively), while the European and New World percentages (64 and 26 percent respectively) remained largely the same.  The full results are below.

My Origins Breakdown Aug 2017

For the full discussion on DNA testing, click on the following link.

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