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November 2019 Update: Pellett Family Page

Pellett Family CrestThe November 2019 update to the site is the creation of the Pellett family page (can also be found under the Related Branches tab at the top of the homepage).  Our Pellett branch traces its roots back to Sussex, England but may go even back to Normandy, France.  The root word “pel” means skin in French, and Pellett could translate to a person who deals in furs or skins.  The Pellett family are among the earliest European settlers of New England likely having arrived in the decade after the pilgrims came to the New World on the ship the Mayflower.  The Pelletts were among the founders of the town of Concord, Massachusetts in the 1630s.  They were also part of the first wave of settlers of Canterbury, Connecticut beginning in the early 1700s and remained in that town as farmers and businessmen for some six generations.

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