lucero-coat-of-armsFrom several sources I have seen, the Lucero surname originates in the Aragon region of Spain from around the 12th Century.  The name is a derivative of the spanish word luz meaning light, and could mean morning star or evening star.  The original complete surname is Lucero de Godoy although today most who carry the name have dropped the de Godoy.  Our branch of the Lucero family has lived in the United States since about the late 1890s.  Prior to that, they had lived primarily in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas.  It is likely that they were part of the original European settlers of Juarez, when it was known as El Paso del Norte.  These settlers were from Santa Fe, New Mexico and forced to resettle in Paso del Norte after the Pueblo Indian revolt of 1680.  While many of these “New Mexico” families eventually returned to Santa Fe, our Lucero ancestors remained in El Paso del Norte/Juarez for 200+ years before settling permanently in the United States.  Today, our Lucero descendants live primarily in Arizona and California.



Monico Lucero

Other than being noted in several of his grandchildren’s baptismal (Anna, Maria Concepcion, and Rodolfo) records, we have been unable to locate any birth or death record for Monico in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.  We have also been unable to locate any marriage document between Monico and his presumed wife, Maria Benita Dolores Aguiar.

From the records, it appears that Monico and Dolores had at least one child together:

Maria Bersabe Lucero Aguiar, born about 1858 in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico

One clue that could help involves the baptismal record of his granddaughter Anna.  The record notes that Anna’s godparents were Prudenciana Lucero and Jose Varela.  If we can prove that Prudenciana was Monico’s sister, we can trace back at least three more generations beyond Monico.

It is unclear when Monico died, but he is listed in the baptismal record of his granddaughter Maria Concepcion in 1892, meaning he was likely alive until then.  He is presumed to have died in Ciudad Juarez.



Maria Bersabe Lucero (Monico1)

We know very little about Bersabe’s early life.  While we have yet to locate a birth or baptismal record for Bersabe, her age (although inconsistent) is listed on each of her children’s records.  We can therefore guess that she was born around 1858 in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.  She appears to be an only child.

No church or civil record mentions the name of her husband or father of her children.  This likely indicates that she was never legally married.  Most records of the birth of her children state that she was a native of Juarez and living in the “Partido Mejia” region of the city, which today is located about a mile south of the border (Parque Chamizal).  Many of the civil birth records of her children note that Bersabe was a seamstress.  She had several children to an as-of-yet unknown person:

Manuel Julian, born January 9, 1878 in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, married Carmen Zelaya, died December 6, 1939.

Rodolfo, born July 1, 1883 in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, died May 24, 1888;

Maria Dolores, born May 2, 1885 in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, died August 4, 1885.

The family theory is that for some time Bersabe was involved in a long-term extra-marital relationship with Rudolph Sprinz, an immigrant from Prussia (present-day Poland) who lived across the Rio Grande in El Paso, Texas from about 1880 until 1902.  Bersabe and Rudolph appear to have had five children together:

Luis, born June 20, 1886 in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, died January 31, 1924 in Norwalk, California;

Anna, born April 16, 1888 in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, married Francisco Miranda and later Rodolfo Palacios;

Jose, born December 14, 1890 in Ciudad Juarez, died September 13, 1935 in Los Angeles, California;

Maria Concepcion, born October 29, 1892 in Ciudad Juarez, married Jose Medina;

Rodolfo, born May 1, 1895 in Ciudad Juarez, married Maria Luisa Serrano.

1900 U.S. Census

1900 U.S. Census

Bersabe appears in the 1900 U.S. census for Arizona Territory, in the copper mining town of Morenci.  According to the census, she immigrated to the United States with her 7 children in 1897.  Her name appears on the wedding invitation of her daugther Anita in 1904, and she is listed as the Godmother of her grandson, Romulo Miranda, who was baptized in 1906.  Bersabe also appears in the 1910 U.S. census living in Clifton with her son Manuel and his family as well as her other children: Eugenia, Luis, Maria, Rodolfo, and Jose.  So far this is the last record we have for her, as we have been unable to locate her in the 1920 census.

Bersabe is presumed to have died, likely in Arizona, between 1910 and 1920.



Anna Lucero (Bersabe2 Monico1)

Civil Birth Record

Civil Birth Record

Year Unknown

Year Unknown

Anna was born on April 16, 1888 in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico and was baptized at the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Cathedral in Juarez on May 5, 1888.  No father is listed on either her civil birth record or her baptismal record, but we know from her death record that her father was Rudolph Spring.  Her baptismal record lists her mother, her grandparents as Monico Lucero and Dolores Aguiar, and her Godparents as Prudenciana Lucero and Jose Varela.  Her civil birth record from Ciudad Juarez is at right and confirms her date of birth as well as the name of her mother.  It lists her name as Ana Maria, although every other document we have found lists her name simply as Anna.

She and her siblings were likely rare examples of inter-ethnic mixing in late 19th Century Southwestern United States. Oral family tradition says that Anna was light-skinned and had green eyes, the likely result of her German-Jewish father.   All her siblings carried the last name (Lucero) of their mother Bersabe, which is further indication that their parents were not legally married.  As noted above, Anna came to the United States with her mother and siblings around 1897 at the age of 9 years.

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation

At two months shy of her 16th birthday, Anna married Francisco Miranda on February 15, 1904 at the Sacred Heart Church in Clifton, Arizona.  The original wedding invitation at left lists the parents, although mostly incorrectly.  Manuel J. Lucero is actually Anna’s oldest sibling and Romulo Chavez and Clara Chavez are Francisco’s step-grandfather and grandmother respectively.  The invitation also lists the four Godparents and notes that the reception following the wedding was held at the house of Romulo Chavez.

Anna and Francisco

Francisco and Anna

Francisco and Anna were married for approximately eight years and lived in a house on property adjacent to Francisco’s step-grandfather Romulo.  It is likely that Anna had very little schooling, and oral tradition notes that she never learned to speak English fluently despite living more than 30 years in the United States.  It appears that, particularly as she had so many children, Anna worked primarily as a housewife and was never employed outside the house.  Anna and Francisco had five children together:

Clara, born January 31, 1905 in Clifton, Arizona Territory, married Luis Paredes;

Romulo, born August 12, 1906 in Clifton, Arizona Territory, married Francisca Vielma;

Maria Lucia, born Julyl 25, 1908, in Clifton, Arizona Territory, married Frank Caravantes;

Ana Catarina, born April 6, 1910 in Clifton, Arizona Territory, died April 9, 1928;

Amalia, August 3, 1911 in Clifton, Arizona Territory, died May 2, 1913.

While details are unclear, approximately a year after the birth of their final child Amalia in 1911, Francisco left Clifton for another Arizona mining town – Ray-Sonora.  No record of divorce or separation has been located.  It appears that Anna remained for some years in Clifton to care for the children.  She was eventually involved with another man and had two children:

Rosaura, born May 22, 1913 in Clifton, Arizona, married Marco Delon, married Leroy Kenniston;

Raul, born March 31, 1915 in Clifton, Arizona, married Ruth Acosta, married Josephine Crabbe.

Both Rosaura and Raul carried as their last name the maiden name of their mother, which could indicate that Anna was not married to their father.

Around 1915-16, Anna married Rodolfo Palacios in Clifton.  Together they had four children:

Amina, born August 15, 1917 in Clifton, Arizona, married Raul Fierro;

Amalia, born March 21, 1921 in Los Angeles, California;

Rudolph, born February 6, 1924 in Los Angeles, California;

Robert, born May 22, 1926 in Los Angeles, California.

1920 US Census - Ana Lucero Family CA

1920 U.S. Census

Shortly after the birth of Amina, Anna and her second husband Rodolfo moved to Los Angeles, California.  The family appears in the 1920 U.S. Census living in the town of San Pedro, California.  While Anna’s oldest three children from her first marriage (Clara, Romulo, and Lucia) stayed behind with their grandmother in Clifton, Catarina, Rosaura, Raul, and Amina moved to San Pedro.  According to city directories for San Pedro from 1923 and 1924, Anna and her family lived at 135 South Palos Verdes Street, and Rodolfo worked as a blacksmith at the shipyard.

1930 U.S. Census

1930 U.S. Census

Just days after the birth of his son Robert in 1926, Rodolfo passed away in San Pedro.  Since many of her siblings were still living in Miami and Globe in Arizona during this time, Anna moved back to Arizona, presumably because her siblings could help support her and her children.  She appears in the 1930 U.S. Census in Miami, Arizona with her six youngest children.  While the census indicates that Anna was not employed, her daughter Rosaura was employed as a clerk at a grocery store.

Death Certificate

Death Record

According to her death certificate, Anna died of pulmonary tuberculosis on August 14, 1931.  The informant was her daughter Rosaura.  The record confirms the names and birth locations of both her parents.  By all accounts she had a very difficult life.  She had her first child at 16, and went on to mother 11 children in 21 years, living in four different towns during that time.  The circumstances of her life meant that she spent many years apart from her first three children; two of her other children died young; her first marriage did not work out; and her second husband died young.  Following her death, most of Anna’s children went to California to live with their aunts and uncles, most of whom by then had moved permanently to the Los Angeles area.


Anna is buried at the Pinal cemetery in Miami, Arizona.  Her gravestone reads: Un recuerdo de sus hijos, Que En Paz Descanse, which translates to “a remembrance from your children, rest in peace.”


31 responses to “Lucero

  1. Amanda Medina

    Omg!!! The amount of research and time took to gather all this info is incredible. I would love to hear more about how our families connect. I am “Raul Lucero’s” aka Ralph Lucero’s grand-daughter. Daughter of Gilbert Lucero, Ralph Lucero’s son.


    • lmiranda5

      Hi cousin Amanda, and thank you so much for the kind words! Connecting with lost family has been the best part of finally organizing my research and getting it on the blog. Your grandfather Ralph and my grandfather Romulo were half-brothers. Your father Gilbert and my father are 1st cousins and you and I are second cousins. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have if I’m able!


  2. Rodrigo Lucero

    Hey, I’m Rodrigo Lucero and my family comes from chihuahua mexico. Im currently in las vegas NV, I’m wondering were my family chapter originates from.


    • lmiranda5

      Hi Rodrigo, and thanks for visiting! From everything I’ve read so far, the Lucero name is very strong in the southwest US, particularly in New Mexico but also in California and Arizona. Do you know where your grandparents were born?


      • Rodrigo Lucero

        Hey, yes I do know where my grandfather who had our last came from Janos, Chihuahua. They’re stories that he also had a second family in the us. My family are cattle farmers in janos chihuahua and own alot of land there. For some reason all his 14 kids have automatic us citizenship because of something my grandfather did for the us during ww2.


    • Jesse

      I also live in Las Vegas and my last name is Lucero and also have Baca with it. I am from Juarez


  3. Charles Lucero

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Charles Lucero de godoy, and have done some investigating as well, I am from Santa Fe NM, originally and now live in California. My grandparents were from Taos NM. I am providing valuable feedback from Fray Jose Angelico, and from NM archives website about the origin of the Lucero surname, from state historian NM. Here is the link for your viewing:
    Hope it intrigues… as it did for me!


    • lmiranda5

      Hi Charles, thanks so much for visiting and providing this valuable link. No doubt the Lucero family has a long history in Northern Mexico and the Southwest US, and this resource proves how far back the line goes!


    • Larry Lucero

      My grandfather Lorenzo Joseph lucero who passed in the 1970s was also from new mexico he worked the mines in Terrero ,NM he also lived in Trinidad CO .
      I have heard there exists a family Bible dating to the 1600s it has been very elusive to this day I requested a picture of the bible and the first page to no avail.


    • Dalila Lucero

      My fathers name is Candido Lucero from Durango, MX we traced back to Pedro Lucero de Godoy. I am looking for information about Ines Lucero 1560 Mexico City. Unable to find her birth certificate.


  4. Pedro Anthony Lucero

    Thank you for this. I’m attempting to do research on the family. Seems somehow every Lucero I meet in my life can be traced back to New Mexico roots. So we are all cousins from Pedro Lucero de Godoy. I’m trying to find my aunts who left the family home when my grandfather remarried after the death of his wife. Grandfather was Jose E.B. lucero, his father wan Antonio Lucero of Mesilla, NM. Hope to get additional info.


  5. Cody ray lucero

    hi there my name is cody Lucero my dad was born in Texas but his parents where both in new Mexico my mother was a daughter of two Russian immigrants i just finished my Russian family tree now I’m working on dad


  6. Anonymous

    Hi my name is Jaydon Lucero and my family comes from superior Arizona when my great grandmother Margret Lucero moved her from New Mexico


  7. Daniela Lucero

    Well hello I am Daniela M Lucero my dad is Daniel and his fathers name I don’t recall but my grandpas father and mother was from Spain I belive Aragon by what I was told . I’ve been trying to back track our family tree but have had no success due to many social class conflicts between families throughout generations . It blows my mind to know that we have so many family members !!!! We reside in Ft worth Texas but with no family … I grew up with no family most of my childhood . So I’ve always had the urge to look for my roots and how far they go .


    • lmiranda5

      Thanks for the visit and comment Daniela. The Luceros are definitely a massive family and heavily concentrated in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and northern Mexico. I have had a hard time tracing this line back very far unfortunately but hope to break through the brick wall eventually! If I find anything new I’ll be sure to post here.


  8. arthur lucero

    hello, my name is arthur lucero, son of daniel lucero and lydia lucero, maiden name gomez. my dad use to tell us that his dad was a constable in new mexico and his mother was from the navaho indian reservation in new mexico. i live in california.


  9. Izak Lucero

    Hey everyone my name is Izak Lucero I am from Las Vegas New Mexico seems like we all must be somehow related haha


  10. Danielle lucero

    Hello. My name is Danielle Prudencia Lucero from Phoenix Arizona My fathers name is Jose Lino Lucero and my grandparents names were Prudencia Gurule born 1908 Tome NM and Jose Lucero born 1908 Tome NM


  11. daneckaj17

    Is anyone related possibly?

    Body Identified

    A body found Thursday, January 14, 2021, in Reserve has been officially identified as Matt Lucero. Lucero’s most recent residences have been Miami, Florida and Denver, Colorado. Detectives, however, have been unable to locate any next of kin relatives.
    Lucero’s remains were found January 14, 2021, about 5:30 a.m. near a ditch in the 3500 block of West Airline Highway in Reserve. No identification was found on Lucero. The coroner is working to determine the cause of death. No foul play is suspected at this time.
    Anyone who may know family or friends of Lucero is asked to call the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office TIPS line at 985-359-TIPS or Lt. Basil Trepagnier of the Criminal Investigations Division at 985-359-8772.


  12. Amanda

    You guys have some family down in Guatemala and El Salvador.
    Antonio Lucero came here from Mexico in the 1890s’ and had 5 children, one of them, Carlotta was my great grandmother, she had my granma in 1930 to this day there are about 100 relatives in the country
    Due to the law in those times, if you were a common law partner the mothers last name will be used and not the father’s as a way to tell bastards apart from legitimal children
    Lucky us, I guess.


    • lmiranda5

      We have a lot of that with our Lucero name too Amanda, which made it initially challenging to work our way back on the Lucero line. Did not know that name made it that far south – here in the U.S. it’s found mostly in the state of New Mexico.


  13. Rudy Lucero

    My grandfather was Emilo Lucero and we are from California. We lived i the Modesto are with some other family in the bay area.


  14. Jorge Lucero

    Lucero is a common surname in central-west Argentina, and it seems to be very old there. There are also many Luceros in Chile and southern Brazil.

    Greetings from my side of the world!


  15. Anonymous

    My mother Norma R. Lucero she lives in Tor C N.M. HER Her father is Trophalow Lucero hes brothers Name is Hackobow Lucero my mthers momo Madison Name is Ruth Jaramillo she was born in Montecello NM. To Susana Gill And Gregody Jaramillo And my mom says we are related to Danny Montoya of T.C N.M.


  16. My name is Simone castillo my great grandfather name is Steve Delores Lucero his dad is epfianio Lucero from new Mexico Anton new Mexico my great great grandfather epfianio Lucero was born on April 7 1890 his wife was Maria Elena Romero he was a ranch owner in new Mexico I been wanting to get more information about my ancestors


  17. Anonymous

    Hello! I’m a little late to this party as I just recently started tracing my Lucero line. My name is Darlene Alvarez McRae. My GGrandmother was Maria Melitona Lucero m. Cornelio Montejano. (You can see their pictures on my Ancestry tree) Melitona’s father was Prudencio Labadie Lucero m. Adelaida Amador. His father was Pedro Antonio Labadie/Maria de Jesus Lucero de Godoy. Somehow the Labadie and de Godoy surnames got dropped and Lucero remained. I’ve always been interested in names. My GGGrandfather may have been named after a Prudenciana, or something like that. My Lucero line goes back to San Jose del Cabo and Miraflores, Baja Sur, Mexico so I was surprised to find out that much of the line comes out of New Mexico. I’ve always had pull towards towards New Mexico not knowing why and now I know. My question is: How did the Lucero’s end up in Baja California Sur, Mexico?
    Melitona Lucero was very light skinned with light eyes. My mother and two sisters also inherited the light skin with hazel eyes. Thank you for all the posts. I’ve planned a trip to New Mexico in the fall and plan to visit many towns.


  18. Isaac Lucero

    Greetings! My name is Isaac Anthony Lucero and my Grandfather is Richard Anthony Lucero. I know he had a brother. But thats about it. Trying to find more family. We are in Merced California


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